GRAND PRIX AUDIO Monaco Turntable  

GRAND PRIX AUDIO Monaco Turntable har satt en ny standard for presisjon ved avspilling av vinylplater. Den har en mengde innovative tekniske løsninger som verden aldri har sett før, som sikrer maksimal vibrasjons- og resonanskontroll og fullstendig nøyaktig omdreiningshastighet, noe som er avgjørende for å oppnå upåvirket avspilling av vinylplater. GRAND PRIX AUDIO skriver følgende: 

"Recently, an owner of a widely acclaimed 100K design proclaimed our 1.5 version Monaco in a head to head comparison using a Tri-Planar tonearm as clearly “the machine of the future”. He commented that our design greatly exceeded the detail, frequency accuracy, and musicality of his supposed world leader design. Another audio reviewer myth shattered by GPA engineering excellence. We don’t fib about what we do, we actually do it!"
Det ekstremt nøyaktige omdreiningshastigheten reduserer støy til umerkelige nivåer. Monaco Turntable er med solid margin markedets mest støyfrie platespiller. Det finnes dyrere platespillere enn Monaco Turntable, men hvis det er ren ytelse, verdi og innovativ ingeniørkunst du setter i høysetet, bør valget falle på Monaco Turntable. 


Technical features:

DSP Signal Processing / Active Feedback Loop Technology: 

Our speed control features a CPU utilizing a Digital Signal Processor that interrogates and maintains the speed of the platter thousands of times each revolution and thereby ensures frequency accuracy and distortion free playback that is simply not possible with conventional types of drive systems. A highly accurate test procedure has demonstrated the speed error to be an extremely low .002%! Speed accuracy equals frequency accuracy, which means there is virtually no distortion on playback.

Floating Platter, DC Motor, Phosphor Bronze Bearing and Internal Flywheel: 

The magnesium platter and phosphor bronze flywheel are supported in a fully immersed bearing system that provides a pressurized film of oil that suspends and damps in the horizontal plane. Rotation is supplied by a low voltage brushless DC motor custom made to our specifications.

Carbon Fiber Plinth: 

A high pressure high temperature cured composite structure is the ultimate for a turntable plinth.This material allows design of hollow organic shapes with compound curves and varying thicknesses to give a carbon fiber structure superior to any other for rigidity and damping with unparalleled elegance in form. When you add internal polymer damping the performance of this plinth is unrivaled in its vibration management and rigidity.

No mechanical Contact Oil Suspension Bearing and DC Drive System: 

Our innovative and unique bearing and drive system achieves ultra low noise levels. There is no mechanical contact in the horizontal plane as the platter is suspended in a fully immersed pressurized film of oil. Power is supplied through the magnetic field produced by the brushless DC motor maintaining the no mechanical contact principle. No seals, no belts, no gears, no contact.

Separate Isolated Thrust Bearing: 

The vertical position of the platter is fixed by a uniquely designed rigid single point contact thrust bearing. This bearing is separate from the Oil Suspension platter bearing. This state of the art ceramic bearing is fully immersed in oil.

The revolutionary Monaco Turntable is the first turntable design taking advantage of 21st Century technology for speed control utilizing a Digital Signal Processing (DSP) controller coupled with an active feedback loop to control the actual motion of the platter itself. It is simple and elegant, the true measure of design and engineering excellence. It is painstakingly manufactured and carefully handmade entirely in the USA. It is repeatable to near 100% consistency by each and every owner anywhere. It is simplicity itself to set up and is devoid of any shift in settings over time. Truly a “set and forget” design. In this paper we will present the actual physical test results showing the behavior and performance of our design.

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